While reading Hacker News, I came upon an article that purported that Java (or other high level languages) should be used in preference to C++ due to the quality of modern interpreters and JIT compilers. I will not discuss the conclusion, which is shaky at best, but rather the microbenchmark that was used to display the quality of the Java virtual machine.

According to the most recent Steam Hardware Survey, 99% of steam users have SSE2 and SSE3 instruction support. The most immediately obvious thing to do with SSE is to try to optimize 4-vector math. However, a naiive reimplementation of vector methods doesn’t come close to the theoretical 4x improvement that one would expect from an SSE implementation

As of Node.js 0.7.0-alpha, there is no blessed path for writing native Node.js extensions on windows. However, it is not impossible to build fully compatible native node modules using Visual Studio. Doing so properly, however, requires a bit of finnesse.