The GPU is the most powerful processing unit in a modern computer, and sadly, much of its processing power ends up wasted as it waits for data from the CPU to draw. It is common to move linear algebra tasks like model skinning and physics to the GPU, but other tasks are often still left for the GPU.

There is something that far too many people ignore when writing applications. The importance of the first impression is something that cannot be understated. Just today, I was involved in a basic phone application ‘hackathon’. The goal was to develop the app that the most people liked, within 12 hours after a brief 1 minute presentation.

One of the easier things to do with the Win32 API is to automate an application. For any given application, the vast majority of your interactions with it will end up being through the Win32 GUI, or through something wrapping the Win32 GUI. As a result, it is very easy to enumerate the windows within the interface and send a bunch of messages through SendMessage and similar methods.